Thursday, August 23, 2012

 What our relative silence signifies

 Riverdaughter's  post today,  ,  led me to this interview:  , which I linked to because of reading the following in Riverdaughter's piece:

Turley: The greatest problem is what it has done to us and what our relative silence signifies. Liberals and civil libertarians have lost their own credibility, their own moral standing, with the support of President Obama. For many civil libertarians it is impossible to vote for someone who has blocked the prosecution of war crimes. That’s where you cross the Rubicon for most civil libertarians. That was a turning point for many who simply cannot to vote for someone who is accused of that type of violation.
Riverdaughter's piece contains some of the highlights, but the whole thing is worth reading. I actually read it all, something I don't always do these days.

Woman's way rising

of course men don't want women to have abortions.  They didn't want us to go out and have jobs either.  Not having your own money, inability to get abortions, these keep women from taking over the world, which we are slowly doing now: look at higher education statistics  --  who enrolls, who completes.