Monday, August 04, 2003

Corporations have no right to be persons. No right, for example, to The Bill Of Rights.

Corporations are to humans as farmers are to chickens. A whole new species, taking over everything, just as, sad to say, humans have. And their agendas and priorities are different from those of humans.

Sometimes I wonder if it's a new kind of evolutionary move. With the development of computers and the internet, there's been a great leap forward, and now, here we are, enmeshed in their 'petrochemical arms,' as Laurie Anderson's song put it.

The anti corporation-personhood movement has grown considerably in the past several years, although--and I'm so frustrated!--nothing dramatic enough to catch the attention of mainstream America has been put out. Still, our numbers grow, across the country, across the board, and perhaps critical mass will be attained, soon, I hope. is a site that gives the big picture in an orderly way--corporate personhood history and information, the campaign to revoke corporate free speech, the groups and initiatives challenging corporate personhood.

Big Medicine, which is at, has interesting articles on personhood and related topics.