Sunday, March 30, 2008

Twisty calls it

The latest patriarchal excess to trigger Twisty's feminist rage is the new pink-bottled vodka. Just one quote here:
Femininity, in fact, can’t even be practiced without stuff (which is one way of debunking the argument that it is an inherited sex trait). It is simply not possible for a woman without makeup and deodorant and lingerie and kitten heels and diet pills and clothes without pockets and anti-wrinkle cream that promises “glowing skin” and self-help books explaining the best ways to suck up to men and jewelry and razors and tweezers and lemon-scented cleaning products and boxes of Lean Cuisine in the freezer — all stuff that must be bought — to be fully feminine.
Femininity — selling it, doing it, approving of it, pinking it, drinking it — is antifeminist, fool.